The story goes like this:  

 This plaque which lists the names of 692 Rayon employees (see below) who served our country during WWII at one time hung in the entrance area to Rayon (now Reemay®).  At some point, and it is still unclear when, the plaque was moved to the Cumberland Building.     In the late 1990s, the plaque was taken down and put into storage.  The next time the plaque was seen was in the back of a truck on the way to the dumpster.  Thankfully, the plaque was rescued by several employees.   The plaque found a new home in 2005 in Old Hickory Veterans Memorial Park (see .  Below are the names of all 692 Rayon employees who served, bios of those who died, and a listing of those who were awarded medals.  

Click on a letter of the alphabet below to view the names of those Rayon employees that served our country during WWII. 
Medals Awarded


First Lieutenant 
John W. Smith

First Lt. John W. Smith was killed in a plane crash at Elgin Field, Florida, on March 4, 1942.  He was in charge of motor transport at Eglin Field and was awaiting orders to transfer to the Paratroops.  At the time of his death, he was flying as an observer on a training flight.

“Bill” was a reserve officer and a graduate of Clemson College, Greeneville, South Carolina.  He came to work here in September 1936 as a student operator and was an engineer in the Mechanical Assistance Section at the time he left the plant for active duty with the Air Forces in March 1941.

Bill was married and the father of a young daughter.  He was the son of W.T. Smith of Greeneville, South Carolina.


Talmadge E. Davis
Seaman, Second Class

Talmadge E. Davis, S 2/c, was killed in action on August 9, 1942, in the opening battle of the Solomons.  His ship, the cruiser U.S.S. Quincy, was one of those which were deployed on both sides of Savo Island in screening groups to protect transports and supply ships unloading men and supplies to reinforce the Marines, who had seized most of the key positions in the Guadalcanal-Tulagi area.  Two other heavy cruisers were lost during the fierce close-range night battle.

Talmadge had been employed at the plant since August 1934 at the time he entered the Navy in January 1942.  He worked in Plant 2 Spinning.

He was married.  His father, W.E. Davis, lives in Lebanon, and a brother and sister work here:  Howard P. Davis in Plant 1 Spinning and Amanda Davis Apple in Skein Inspection.  

Sergeant Murray E. Scott

Sgt. Murray E. Scott was stationed at Barksdale Field, Louisiana, at the time of his death on December 26, 1942, in a plane crash.

Murray, with seven other fliers, was on a scheduled flight to Walterboro, South Carolina, when their B-24 bomber crashed into a Louisiana swamp.

A graduate of Tennessee Tech at Cookeville, Murray came to work here as a student operator in the Accounting Department in June 1941, and was working as a clerk in the Cost Section at the time he left for the service in August 1942.

He was the son of Mr. And Mrs. A.M. Scott of Bemis, Tennessee.

Ensign Walter Fisher Martin

Ens. Walter Fisher Martin was killed in a plane crash at Tijuna, Mexico, on May 26, 1943, while returning from a flight to a point in Mexico.  He had volunteered to fly there from his base at San Diego, California, to bring back a Marine doctor.  The doctor was also killed in the crash, which was caused by inclement weather conditions.

Fisher started working here in June 1939.  He was a co-op student and had attended the University of Tennessee and Georgia Tech, lacking only one quarter finishing his college degree.  At the time he entered the Navy Air Corps as a flying cadet in March 1942, he was working in the Mechanical Assistance Section.

He received his Navy pilot’s wings and commission at Jacksonville, Florida, in November 1942.

Fisher was the son of Mr. And Mrs. Walter Martin of Martha, Tennessee.  His father and one brother, Weldon, work in Plant 2 Spinning, another brother, Vurden, works in Process Control, and his wife, Ravene Whitaker Martin, works in the Employment Office.  

Lieutenant Artis G. Railey

Lt. Artis G. Railey was killed in a plane crash in Florida on July 7, 1943, while on a training flight. 

Artis entered the Army in August 1941, as an enlisted man.  He later was selected for training as an aviation cadet and received his wings and commission at Blytheville, Arkansas, on January 14, 1943.

At the time of his death, Artis was flying as squadron commander at the Montbrook Air Base, Williston, Florida.  A storm was the cause of the fatal crash of his plane.  He had been married less than a month.

An employee of Plant 1 Textile Area, Artis started working at the plant in May 1938.  He was the son of Mrs. T.H. Railey, Joelton, Tennessee.


First Lieutenant John E. Isbell

First Lt. John E. Isbell was killed in action while on a bombing mission over Austria on November 2, 1943.  He was a bombardier on a Flying Fortress with the 32nd Bombardment Squadron. 

“Jack” came to work here in July 1933, and was working in 2A Laboratory when he left for service in the Air Forces in August 1942.  He took cadet training and graduated as a bombardier.  He went to North Africa in 1943 and immediately started flying on missions over Italy in the Flying Fortress “Georgia Peach.”  The “Peach” failed to return from the fatal mission of November 2, 1943, and a few months later Jack was declared officially killed in action.  It has since been learned that he is buried in a small cemetery at Monich Kirchen, Austria.

Jack’s younger brother, Albert, who was a sergeant with the 104th Division Infantry, was killed in action in Holland on November 30, 1944.

The boys were the sons of Albert E. Isbell, Murfreesboro.  Jack was married and his son, young Jack, was born on November 10, 1943, a week after his father’s death.

Private James G. Gleaves

Pvt. James G. Gleaves was killed in action in Italy on November 4, 1943.  He had gone overseas as an Infantry replacement in September 1943 and his family has never learned to what outfit he was assigned.

James was working in Plant 1 Spinning at the time he entered the service in December 1942.  His Company service dated back to October 1934. 

James was the son of Mrs. E.M. Barnes of Nashville.  He was married.

Paul J. Jones, Seaman, First Class

Paul J. Jones, S 1/c, lost his life as a result of drowning in the Aleutians on December 27, 1943.  A small Navy boat in which he and another enlisted man and two officers were making a routine trip from the base capsized near the mouth of the harbor when it was caught in a “williwaw,” treacherous North Pacific storm.  Both the enlisted men were drowned, in spite of every effort made to rescue them. 

Paul entered the Navy in July 1942, having been employed here since February 1941.  He worked in Plant 1 Textile. 

He was the son of Mr. And Mrs. Marvin Jones of Goodlettsville. 

Private Jack W. Hancock

Pvt. Jack W. Hancock was killed in action at Cape Gloucester, New Britain, on January 7, 1944.  He was serving with the Third Battalion, Fifth Marines, First Marine Division, at the time of his death.  The Division has a Presidential Unit Citation for its service against the enemy in the Solomons.

Jack was the son of Mr. And Mrs. R.T. Hancock, Nashville.  He started working here in September 1939, and at the time he went into the Marines in December 1941 he was working in Plant 1 Textile.


Douglas Cockrell, Steward’s Mate, First Class

Douglas Cockrell, StM 1/c, lost his life as a result of drowning on April 15, 1944, while in the performance of his duty.  He was serving in the Pacific. 

Douglas had been working here since July 1942 at the time he left for the Navy in January 1943.  He was employed in Plant Service.

Douglas was married.  His mother, Lizzie K. Cockrell, lives on Route 1, Old Hickory.


Technical Sergeant 
Cecil Evans, Jr.

T/Sgt. Cecil Evans, Jr., was killed in action while on a bombing mission over Port Blair, South Andamon Island, April 15, 1944.  He was carried as missing in action until March of this year, when he was declared officially dead by the War Department.

Cecil was the son of Mr. And Mrs. Cecil Evans of Goodlettsville.  He started working at the plant here in May 1941 and was employed in Plant 1 Textile at the time he left for the Army in August 1942. 

A member of the Ninth Bombardment Squadron, Tenth Air Force, stationed at Calcutta, India, Cecil flew as flight engineer on a B-24 and had completed around 33 missions.  On the mission which cost his life, his plane was attacked by Japanese fighters and all members of the crew were killed except the navigator, who parachuted out and was captured by the Japanese, remaining a prisoner until August 29, 1945.  It was the navigator who, after his release, informed Cecil’s parents of the details of his death.

Cecil had been awarded the Silver Star, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal.

His mother works in 2A Reels. 

Howard O. Garrett, 
Electrician’s Mate, Second Class

Howard O. Garrett, EM 2/c, was declared officially dead on January 16, 1946, after having been missing since May 14, 1944.  He was serving aboard the submarine U.S.S Gudgeon.

The Gudgeon left Johnson Island on April 7, 1944, on a West Pacific patrol with Howard and 64 other officers and men aboard.  The submarine was presumed to be lost after it failed to answer three radio messages, the last on May 14.

Howard had been working here since September 1941 at the time he entered the Navy in October 1942.  He was employed in 2A Reels.

His parents, Mr. And Mrs. Mark Garrett, live at Mt. Juliet.  Two brothers and a sister are working here:  Horace L. Garrett and George H. Garrett in Plant 2 Spinning and Dolly Garrett in 2A Reels. 

Private Willie L. Jones

Pvt. Willie L. Jones was killed in action in France on July 26, 1944, while serving with the 359th Infantry Regiment, 90th Division.  He had already been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received previous to the time of his death.

Employed at the plant in January 1932, Willie was working in Plant 1 Spinning at the time he went into the service in March 1943.  He was married. 

His parents, Mr. And Mrs. Jess Jones, live in Nashville.

Lieutenant Harold G. Turner

Lt. Harold G. Turner was killed in action in France on August 15, 1944, while serving with the 32nd Armored Regiment, Third Armored Division, in the drive across France. 

Harold was working in the Power Department when he entered the service in June 1941, as an enlisted man.  He had been employed here since July 1934.  He was chosen to attend Officer Candidates School and got his bars and commission at Ft. Knox.

Harold was married.  His father, W.L. Turner, lives in Lewisburg, Kentucky. 

Captain James W. Ray

Capt. James W. Ray was killed in action in France on September 1, 1944, while serving as commander of a tank company in the Fifth Armored Division.  He had already been awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action and the Bronze Star for meritorious achievement against the enemy.

James was one of our first men to join the colors, having entered the service in December 1940, as an enlisted man.  He had been working here since March 1937 and was employed in 2B Textile Area.

He was selected to attend Officer Candidates School and received his commission at Ft. Riley, Kansas.  He went overseas in February 1944.

James was married and the father of a young daughter.  His parents, Mr. And Mrs. L. G. Ray, live at Hendersonville, and a brother, Frank Ray, works in Minor Construction.

Private Hubert C. Jernigan

Pvt. Hubert C. Jernigan was killed in action in France on October 6, 1944.  He was a member of the 317th  Infantry Regiment, 80th Division, having joined that outfit as a replacement only a few days before his death.

Hubert had been working here about eight months when he left Plant 1 Spinning for the Army in November 1943.  He was married and the father of a young son.  His parents, Mr. And Mrs. N.D. Jernigan, live at Algood, Tennessee.


Private First Class 
Winfrey H. Hunter

Pfc. Winfrey H. Hunter was wounded in action in the Philippines on January 2, 1945, and died on January 12.  He was serving on Leyte with the 873rd Airborne Engineers.

“Hupy,” as he was generally known, was married and the father of two children.  He had been working here since May 1930 and was employed in the Power Department at the time he left for the Army in January 1943.

His mother, Mrs. A.E. Hunter, lives in Old Hickory, and a brother, Ed Hunter, works in Plant 1 Spinning.

Sergeant Frank M. Ballinger

Sgt. Frank M. Ballinger was killed in action in the Philippines on February 21, 1945, while serving with the 947th Field Artillery.

Frank had been employed here since May 1934 at the time he left for the service as a member of the National Guard in February 1941.  He was working in Plant 1 Textile. 

He was married and the father of a young son.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ford Ballinger, live on Route 1, Old Hickory.  A brother, Sam, works in Maintenance, and another brother, Ford, is one of our service men recently returned home from Japan.

First Lieutenant Michael C. Callahan

Lt. Michael C. Callahan was killed in action in Germany on April 7, 1945, while serving with the 36th Engineer Combat Group.

“Mike” went to North Africa in April 1943 as a platoon commander with the 378th Engineer Battalion.  The outfit went into Southern France and Mike was later transferred to the 36th Group and made a company commander.  His outfit was building a floating treadway bridge at Heilbronn, Germany, under heavy fire, at the time he met his death on April 7, 1945.  He was shot by a German sniper during the height of construction of the bridge, which was completed, enabling tanks to cross to support the Infantry on the opposite side.  The bridge was later named for Mike.

Mike started working here as a student operator in July 1941.  He was a reserve officer and a graduate of the University of Tennessee, and was employed in the Works Engineering Section as a draftsman at the time he was called to active duty in June 1942.

Mike was the son of H.L. Callahan, Superintendent of Schools, Monroe County, Tennessee.

Corporal James C. Manis

Cpl. James C. Manis died in England as a result of a motor vehicle accident which occurred on June 21, 1945.  He was serving with the 6905th Motor Transport Company.

Before entering the service in October 1943, James worked in Plant 1 Textile Area.  He had been employed here since August 1943.

James was married and the father of a young daughter whom he had never seen.  He was the son of Mrs. James C. Manis, Sr., of Old Hickory

Captain James N. Dickson

Capt. James N. Dickson was killed in action in Italy on October 17, 1944, while serving with the 133rd Infantry Regiment, 83rd Division.  He had gone to North Africa in May 1944 and on to Italy, reaching the Italian front only a few days before his death.

James had been working here for about four and one-half years when he entered the army in September 1941 as an enlisted man.  He was later selected to go to Officer Candidates School and graduated in June 1942. 

He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dickson, Van Leer, Tennessee.  

William V. Smithson

Pvt. William V. Smithson died on November 24, 1944, as a result of wounds received in action in Germany.  He had gone overseas as a replacement and joined the 18th Infantry Regiment, First Division, in Belgium in September 1944. 

Bill left 2B Textile Area in October 1942 to enter the Army.  He had been working here since January 1941.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.V. Smithson, live in Mt. Juliet, and a brother, Winfield T. Smithson, works in Plant 1 Spinning. 


Silver Star

Mar. Walter R. Johnson, Chemical Warfare
Lt. Alfred C Bone, Infantry
T/Sgt. Cecil Evans, Jr., Air Corps
Sgt. Loman R. Dickens, Infantry
Lt. Col. Robert B. Mercer, Engineers
Capt. Paul D. Phipps, Infantry

The Distinguished Flying Cross

1st Lt. William J. O’Donnell
T/Sgt. Cecil Evans, Jr.
S/Sgt. Thomas Stamps
Capt. John M. Rawls

 The Air Medal

1st Lt. William J. O’Donnell
T/Sgt. Woodrow Butler
1st Lt. Jack W. Smith
Capt. John M. Rawls
T/Sgt. Cecil Evans, Jr.
Sgt. John R. West
S/Sgt. Thomas Stamps
S/Sgt. George Melvin Roe
Sgt. Joseph H. Hoskins, Jr.

The Purple Heart

1st Lt. John M. Green, Infantry
1st Lt. W.J. O’Donnell, Air Corps
Cpl. James Baxter Fisher, Marines
Pfc. Arthur N. Robertson, Infantry
Sgt. John P. North, Marines
T/Sgt. Rexford Bass, Infantry
Pfc. Mitchell Guffee, Infantry
Cpl. Milton H. Watts, Marines
Sgt. Loman R. Dickens, Infantry
S/Sgt. Thomas Stamps ,Air Corps
Pfc. Vernon Holland, Quartermaster
Pfc.  Rufus R.Massey, Quartermaster
Sgt. Amos L. Jarman, Infantry
Sgt. Joseph H. Hoskins, Jr., Air Corps
1st Lt. Russell B. Caffy, Paratroops
T/4 Raymond Martin, Infantry
Pvt. Robert C. Craddock, Infantry
Pfc. Leland Bledsoe, Paratroops
S/Sgt. Orbet V. Phipps, Infantry
S/Sgt. Haskel V. Lawson, Infantry
S/Sgt. William E. Johnson, Infantry
1st Lt. Edward J. Hunter, Infantry
Pfc. Plumey Hollis, Infantry
Sgt. Mark B. Cartwright, Tank Corps
1st Sgt. Arthur G. Allison, Infantry
1st Lt. H.C. Nixon, Infantry
T/5 Ralph O. Bradley, Medical Corps
Sgt. Horace R. Gregory, Infantry
Pvt. Thomas E. McMurtry, Glider Infantry
S/Sgt. James G. Drake, Infantry
S/Sgt. Amon Norris, Quartermaster
Capt. Paul D. Phipps, Infantry
Capt. James W. Ray, Tank Corps
Lt. Alfred C. Bone, Infantry
Pvt. Willie L. Jones, Infantry
Pfc. James W. Mears, Infantry

These do not include the Purple Heart awarded posthumously to those killed in action.

The Soldiers’ medal

T/4 Clarence Dorris, Military Police (Avn)

The Bronze Star

Lt. Alfred C. Bone, Infantry
Lt. Col. Merlin Bruce, Field Artillery
S/Sgt. Charles E. Purcell, Infantry
Lt. Col. Robert B. Mercer, Engineers
Pfc. James W. Mears, Infantry
Pfc. James J. Garrett, Armored Infantry
Lt. Col. William C. Jacobs, Jr., G-3 ETOUSA Headquarters
Sgt. Winfield T. Smithson, Infantry
Cpl. Freemon c. Woodard, Field Artillery
S/Sgt. William E. Johnson, Infantry
T/4  James H. Wright , Mechanized Caalry
S/Sgt. John C. Conatser, Antiaircraft Artillery
Capt. Frederick H. Terry, Ordnance
Capt. Fred A. Warrick, Infantry
Capt. James W. Ray, Tank Corps

The Croix de Guerre

Maj. Walter R. Johnson, chemical Warfare
Lt. Col. Merlin Bruce, Field Artillery
Lt. Col. William C. Jacobs, Jr., G-3, ETOUSA Headquarters.

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J.B. Abston
John C. Adams
John M. Adcock
Arnold E. Agee
Hobert D. Agee
James E. Agee
Ernest L. Allen
Harry Allen
Omel B. Allen, Jr.
Robert L. Allen
William O. Allen
Arthur O. Allison
John L. Allison
Ralph L. Allison
Rosa M. Alred
Hugh Amos
Claude L. Andrews
William E. Andrews
James R. Apple
Robert L. Armour
Homer R. Arnold
William R. Arnold
Cecil R. Atwood

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Elsie Baker
Harry H. Baker
Julian B. Baker
Ford A. Ballinger
William T. Barks
Charles B. Barksdale, Jr.
John E. Barnes
Leonard H. Barnes
Ralph B. Barnes
Dennie M. Barnette, Jr.
Robert E. Barrett
Jordan O. Barry
William A. Barry
Charlie C. Bass, Sr.
Rexford H. Bass
Robert T. Batey
Charles B. Batson
Ben F. Beakley
Lawrence G. Bean
Chancy B. Beaty
William T. Beaty
James E. Belew, Jr.
Charles E. Bell
J.B. Bell
James E. Bender
Horace E. Bennett
James A. Bentley, Sr.
Raleigh B. Benton
Edward E. Bilbro
Edward C. Bivins
Alex J. Bixler
Asa C. Black
William E. Black
Leland C. Bledsoe
Henry D. Bloodworth
Harold M. Boguskie
William E. Bohanan
Alfred C. Bone
James T. Boone
Vernon A. Bougher
Enlow M. Bradley
Horace Bradley
Ralph O. Bradley
Tom F. Bradley
George R. Bradshaw, Jr.
Andrew J. Brent
Douglas J. Brewer
John A. Briggs
Horace C. Brindley
Harold B Brooks
J.B. Brown
Sarah D. Brown
William W. Brown
Willie H. Brown
George F. Browning
Merlin K. Bruce
William R. Bruce, Jr.
James M. Bryant
William M. Bryant
William Bugo
George O. Bullington
Earl Bullock
William T. Buntley
James W. Burch
Austin H. Burgett
James E. Burns, Jr.
Paul C. Bush
Woodrow W. Butler
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Russell B. Caffy
James G. Caldwell
Calvin A. Cammuse
Hudson M. Cantrell
Willie A. Cantrell
Charles E. Carpenter
George Carter
Robert L. Carter
Tony L. Carter, Jr.
Mark P. Cartwright, Jr.
Eula Carver
James C. Castelow
Lyndorph N. Cauthern
Theodore C. Cauthern
Vito A. Cerruti Jr.
Robert C. Chaffin
Charles O. Chance
Claude Chance
Charlotte D. Chantler
Bettie J. Chester
Garland B. Clark, Jr.
Joseph C. Clayton
Thomas B. Clemons
Leslie M. Clendenin
Kenneth R. Cole
John C. Coleman
Robert L. Colley
Louis M. Collins
Wesley S. Combs
John C. Conatser
Harvey R. Conn
Smith F. Cook
Clarence M. Corlew
Holly M. Counts
Robert C. Craddock
John H. Craftpm
Ivan Craig
Robert W. Craig
Charlie R. Crain
Harvest Crain
Pierce W. Crawford
Lyle H Crockett
Hugh A. Crosslin
James P. Crouch
Charles R. Cruise
Willie C. Cruise
George D. Cuffman
Lee R. Cummings
Edwin B. Cunningham
Robert L. Cunningham
Robert N. Cunningham
James D. Curry
Jesse M. Curtis
Mary E. Curtis

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Edward A. D’Amico
Richard L. Daniel
Ervin Daughtry
Donald C. Davidson
Braxton M. Davis
Howard P. Davis
J.W. Davis
Joseph W. Davis
Laurence B. Davis
Mont Davis, Jr.
Sara Davis
William R. Davis
Robert H. Deal
Robert E. Denney
Fred B. Denton
Herman D. Dickens, Sr.
Loman R. Dickens
Wallace L. Dillard
Joe Dixon
Clarence Dorris
Herbert J. Doty
Percy H. Dowlen
Winfield W. Dowlen
James G. Drake
Carlos H. Draper
Kermit Draper
Ivey O. Drewry, Jr.
Harold D. Durrett
Raymond C. Dwyer

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Lonnie B. Eanes
Harry Eddins
Du Bose Egleston, Jr.
Thomas B. Eidson
William S. Ellis
Roy B. Elmore
John M. Elrod
Hannah G. Engel
John T. Evans, Jr.
Robert T. Evans
James M. Everette

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James R. Fambrough
Clarence H. Fisher
James W. Ferrell
Ernest Figgins
James D. Fisher
William J. Fite, Jr.
James L. Fitzpatrick
Thomas E. Floyd
Casper Forkum
Raymond J. Foster, Jr.
William R. Fowler
A.C. Francis
Tracy A. Freeman
William E. Fuson

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Charles H. Gaines
David B. Gaines
John E. Gaither
Edwin B. Galbraith
Odie L. Galbreath
Marcus E. Gambrell
George C. Gann
Horace L. Garrett
James J. Garrett
William C. Garrett
Harley M. Gentry
Neil Gentry
Robert L. Gentry
Glenn G. George
James W. Gibson
Raymond D. Gibson
Porter K. Gober
Harold L. Goff
John O. Goode
Willie S. Goode
Robert L. Goodwin
Benjamin L. Gordon
Juell T. Gourley
Edward W. Graham, Jr.
Willard P. Grant
Victor E. Grayson
Ellis C. Green
John M. Green
Clinton C. Greer, Jr.
Floyd T. Greer
Silas M. Greer, Jr.
Clifford W. Gregory
Horace R. Gregory
Wilson C. Gregory
Winnie L. Gregory
Oscar W. Grey
Bert Grimes
James W. Grice
Richard A. Grooms
La Moin Groves
Mitchell S. Guffee
Grover A. Gunn
Kenneth W. Gwin

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Brooks N. Hackney
Edward C. Hackney
Nicholas P. Hagewood
Robert J. Hale
Dillie C. Hall
Clyde E. Hamblin
Maurice N. Hamlin
James A. Hamsley
Charles L. Harding
Joseph C. Hargis
Horace A. Hargrove
Arthur B. Harris
Edward C. Harris
Kenneth G. Harris, Jr.
Roy F. Harris

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Aubrey F. Johnson
Henry A. Johnson
Johnnie C. Johnson
Ponie C. Johnson
Walter R. Johnson
William C. Johnson
William E. Johnson
Edward C. Jones, Jr.
Frederick S. Jones
Martin R. Jones
Richard L. Jones
Willie A. Jones
Lymon D. Jorden
Ray E. Joslin
Richard H. Joyner
William R. Joyner

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Paul O. Kannon
Lurton C. Keel
Julius Kemp
Esley M. Kenner
Edward Kerr
Vernon M. Kessler
Wilburn H. Kinzer
Lawrence C. Knies, Jr.
Ira L. Knight
Albert S. Koenig, Jr.
Paul F. Koonce
Woodrow W. Krantz
Norman S. Kuykendall
Grady D. Kyle

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Hugh Lackey
William B. Lamberson
Nolan H. Lamberth
William P. Lancaster
Dewey D. Lineberry
Wilson C. Littlejohn
Rebecca T. Long
Marvin H. Lovell
Marvin W. Lovell
Charles K. Lynch
Leon W. Lynch

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Bruce E. Mac Arthur
L.B. Ray Maggart
Douglas F. Majors
James A. Majors
Charles K. Malin
William O. Malone
Leonard N. Mangrum
Edward H. Manning
Albert B. Marlin
William L. Marshall
John H. Martin
Thomas A. Martin
Vurden D. Martin
Rufus R. Massey
Eugene C. Masters Thurman A. Matthews
Ernest C.B. Maxey
Dewey B. Maxwell, Jr.
Ralph E. Maxwell
Ewell May
Roy H. May
A.V. Austin Mayes
William F. Mc all
Charles H. McCartney
James T. Mc Caslin
Luther H. McCauley
Robert H. McCord
Claude R. Miles
Charles K. Miller
Frederick W. Miller
Cosmer P. Mir
Daniel C. Mitchell
John M. Mitchell
Clint Moore
Edward D. Moore
Woodrow W. Moore, Sr.
Melburn Morris
Wallace E. Morris
William O. Morris
Floyd E. Morrison
Robert W. Morrison

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Doon Napier
Elmer H. Newsom
Roy B. Newton
John W. Nicholson
Nellie B. Nicks
William E. Nicks
H.C. Nixon
Richard M. Nolen
Amon Norris
Gladis D. Norris
John P. North. Jr.
Charles E. Norton

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Jean P. Oakley
David D. O’Connell
Elmer K. Odom
Edwin L. O’Donnell
William J. O’Donnell
Clyde D. Odum, Jr.
Hobert C. Orange
Roy E. Orsbon
Ernest J. Overstreet
Gerald L. Owen
Roy C. Owen
Thomas B. Owen

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Martin F. Pack
Robert L. Palmer
Albert D. Panter
Robert A. Parent
Robert W. Parker
William G. Parker
Walter D. Parkhurst
James W. Parrish
Ray W. Peach
James Pendley
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James C. Price
Charles R. Prowell
Nathan W. Pryor
Jesse Pullum
Charles E. Purcell



George E. Quaintange

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Robert E. Rager
Gerald B. Ralph
James T. Ralph
John H. Ralph
Van B. Rasbury
John H. Rawls
William A. Rawls
Bart W. Ray
Kenneth E. Raymer
Howard R. Read
Jack E. Redden
Jack W. Reding
Olenn E. Reed
William A. Reed
Henry L. Renegar
Harlan F. Reynolds
Marc U. Reynolds
Wanda D. Reynolds
James I.M. Richardson
William T. Richardson
Will G. Ridley
Joseph W. Riggins
Charles D. Rigsby
Arthur N. Roberson
James Robertson
Forrest F. Robinson
Houston Robinson
Lovie Robinson
Thelma L. Robinson
George M. Roe
Moses C. Rollins
Harry O. Rucker
Richard E. Russell
Walter Rutherford

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Jerry C. Saddler
Margaret E. Sadler
Wilmer T. Sanders
Richard M. Savage
Harold F. Savely
John D. Scobey
Johnnie J. Sears
John Selsemeyer
Charles A. Settle
Richard W. Shaffer
William Sharp
Charles T. Shaver
Joe F. Shelpby
Thomas Shelton
William R. Shipman
James W. Shivel
Dixon Simmons
Riley Simons
Maury E. Smartt
Alvin G. Smith
Cecil D. Smith
Gillon O. Smith
Harry L. Smith
Hubert W. Smith
Jack W. Smith
James E. Smith
Oliver N. Smith
Russell D. Smith
Virginia M. Smith
Warren G. Smith
Willie E. Smith
Winfield T. Smithson
Wayne A. Snider
Randall G. Snoddy
Graham Snow
Hessey E. Sorrells
John H. Squires
Thomas E. Stamps
George S. Stanley, Jr.
Robert E. Stanton, Jr.
Will N. Stanton
Charles B. Steakley, Jr.
Douglas Stegall, Jr.
Clarence E. Stephens
Edwin R. Stephens
Robert D. Stevenson
Sidney F. Stewart
John T. Stilwell
Eugene D. Stinson
John R. Stinson
Levy H. Stinson
William A. Stinson
Roy N. Stone
Sara Story
Mack A. Stout
Clint R. Street
Harvie L. Street
John Sturgis
Robert M. Suddarth
Herbert Sullivan
Fred Summers
James K. Summers
Newman Sumner
Louis Sutton
Ralph C. Sutton
Willie D. Swindle
Dossie Sykes

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Malin Talley
Conley B. Tate
Bayard M. Taylor
John D. Taylor
Frederic Terry
Brice A. Thomas
Jesse O. Thomas
George W. Tibbs
Willard Tibbs
Henry C. Tinnell
Charles S Tomlin
Irvin B. Towe, Jr.
William P. Tramel
George W. Tribble
William C. Trogdon
James H. Trotter
Gilbert L. Turner
Hall Turner
Raymond Turner
Herman Tyree

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Eaton Uhles
Clinard Underwood

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Hubert Vantrease
John W. Vaughan
Roy Vaughn, Jr.
William T. Vaugh
Donald E. Vetetoe
William L. Vick

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William D. Wade
Frank L. Walden
John M. Walker
Victor E. Walker
Walter K. Walker
Hollis Walling
James W. Walters
Paul Walton
Fred A. Warrick
Cowell Washington
Leonard Washington
Torrey J. Washington
Willard D. Watson
Milton H. Watts
Orvestil Wauford
W.C. Wauford
Mildred Weatherly
Woodrow Webb
Harold C. Webster
Wendell E. Webster
Benjamin B. Wells, jr.
Lester E. Westcott
John R. West
Thomas E. Weston
Edwin L. White
Jasper C. White
Lawrence E. White
Lucille White
Ernest H. Williams
John H. Williams
Marvin G. Williams
Robert L. Williams
Thomas M. Williamson
Robert J. Willingham
Crafton Wilson
Dorothy L. Wilson
William C. Wilson
Payton T. Winkler
George A. Winters
Melvin T. Winters
Jimmie W. Woodall
Carlie Woodard, jr.
Freemon C. Woodard
Charles T. Wooden
Howard R. Woods
Vann Woodside
Joseph R. Woodson
George W. Woosley
William R. Worsham
Guill T. Wright
Hollis L. Wright
James H. Wright

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Frank J. Young

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James Zervas
Ernest H. Zimmerle
Thomas E. Zipperer, jr.

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