Rayon Yarns - August - 1942

A white Minute Man surrounded by a circle of white stars on a blue field is the design of the flag which was unfurled and raised before our eyes on July 15.  This award presented to the plant by the United States Treasury Department, signifies that we have completed only the first step in our War Bond  campaign.

After hearing the remarks of Lieutenant Frank on the despair of some of our soldiers over our lack of concern, we are determined not only to participate, but to participate to the best of our means.

We must, we will help Uncle Sam foot the bills.

If our boys can give their lives, we can lend a little money.

In the picture below may be seen the award made to all our employees by the United States Treasury Department on July 15, because on that date more than 90% of us were buying War Bonds through the Company's Payroll Deduction plan.

To be exact, 97.68% of us had already participated with a number of the large areas being 100%. Since then and up until the time we go to press we  have increased plant wide participation to 98.1%

A flag very similar to the one which now waves under the Stars and Stripes on our plant flag pole is offered to the employees of any plant who authorize regular deductions amounting to 10% or more of the total payroll for the purchase of War bonds.

We are very close to winning this second award as the hourly Roll employees have already gone over the top, having invested 10.05%of their payroll as we go to press. Works Monthly Roll employees follow with 9.48% of their payroll invested.

If we win this second award, we will only have taken our second step toward winning the war.  That is a job which will take more than money.  It will require that each of us does his best and at the proper time.  The War Production Drive Committee is attempting to lead us - let us all cooperate.




Selling War Bonds
Having the rosy rotundity of a well-to-do banker and the cash in hand to enforce his authoritative dignity, young Alton Ray Jenkins, 19 month old son of Eunice Jenkins, Plant 1 doffer, purchases a Fifty-dollar War Bond at Sullivans with the odd cents saved from Dad's paychecks since Pearl Harbor.  If little folks can do it, why can't we? - Rayon Yarns - November - 1942