The following is a tribute to a few Cellophane employees who served our country during times of war

Cellophane employees who lost their lives during WWII. 

Mark A. Dodds
PFC Henry L. Allen
Lt. Claude C. Talley,Jr.
CPL John M Palmer
Sam J. Cantrell
Sarah E. West,PH.M.3/C

Note:  I will try to get a complete listing as well as photos to go with these names!

Cellophane Employees who Served in WWI

Cellophane Flashes - May 1941

In this time of speed and more speed for National Defense, we believe that it is fitting and proper to pause a moment to pay tribute to the men who bore the United States colors in World War I. On this page Flashes gives you pictures of eighteen ex-service men, who are employees of Old Hickory "Cellophane." Most of these pictures were taken over a score of years ago and the appearance of these men has changed, but not their spirit.

These ex-service men are being replaced by a new generation, in active service, but they continue to do their part in a different capacity. Let all of us, like these men, resolve to do our part, whether large or small, to the best of our ability for National Defense. At this time, our job is here. Let's do it well.

Henry R. Puckett is an ex-service man, whose picture does not appear on this page. At this time Henry is out on disability, and we wish him a speedy recovery. If we have missed anyone, it was unintentional and we offer our apologies. We would appreciate hearing from you.

Willie R. Sumners - Pvt., 6th Inf., 5th Dive., A.E.F.: service eighteen months;wounded during Battle of Saint-Mihiel near Meuse, France.
Lieper Redden - Pvt;, Light Artillery, A.E.F., 30th Div.;service 23 months, and served in the Army of Occupation.

James L. Johnson - Pvt., 115th F.A.; service 7 years with 3 years in A.E.F.;wounded in Battle of Argonne Forest, near Meuse, France.
Wilfred R. Holt - 2nd Lieut., C.W.Ss.; service 11 months stationed Edgewood Arsenal, Md.

Sion E. Evans - Pvt., General Ord. Depot; service 11 months; stationed at Curtis Bay, So. Baltimore Md.

John Mullins - Sgt, 28th Inf. and 7th Inf.; service 6 years; stationed in Phillipine Islands.
Harry B. Williams - Pvt., 6th Co., Cc.A.C. ; stationed at Fort DuPont, Del.; service 7 1/2 months

Robert Rust - Pvt. 117th Inf., 30th Div., A.E.F.; service 23 months, Citations; British M.M. for Bravery; U.S. Silver Star for Galantry.
William Prentice - Pvt., Inf. service nine months. A.E.F. five months.

Emmett W. Flowers - Sgt., 113th Engineers, 38th and 7th Div., A.E.F.; service 23 months; in the Army of Occupation.
Frank Power - Pvt.C.W. Div., 13 months service; stationed at Edgewood Aresenal, Md.

Henry R. Dunwoody - Pvt. 113th Mach. Gun Batt., 30th Div., A.E.F.; 18 months service.
Sterling G. Bledsoe - Pvt. 32nd Div. Inf., A.E.F.; service; action in the Battle of Argon Forest

Hebron Cope - Pvt., 45th Inf., 9th Div.; service 11 months; stationed at Camp Gordon Georgia.
Charles Prentice - Pvt., 137th Inf., 37th Div., A.E.F.;service 11 months.

Percy H. Bledsoe - Pvt., 39th Inf., 4th Div., A.E.F., service 15 months; served with Army of Occupation.
John F. McMillen - Pvt., Base Hospital, Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Ga. Service 12 months.

Chas. G. Fite - Corporal, 25th Co. Depot Brigade 18 months service, stationed at Camp Jackson, S.C.