Robert Stanton plows the ground of the Company Garden which was located on the site of the old Mexican Village of World War 1.  This garden was planted to supply fresh vegetables to the plant cafeteria. 

June - 1939 - Rayon Yarns

Gardening first began in Old Hickory during the depression of 1932.  Plots of ground, here and there were cleared and plowed up and made ready for cultivation.  This was done by the du Pont Company to benefit those who were temporarily out of work.  Since then the interest in gardens has grown by leaps and bounds and now it is a very profitable hobby.  These gardens supply fresh vegetables to over 300 homes in Old Hickory, and it is estimated that there are 150 acres now under cultivation.

April 1942 - Rayon Yarns

Improper use or misuse of the materials and equipment needed by farmers to grow the nation's food, feed and fiber is as undesirable today as is the improper use of automobile tires.

Unusual and, in many instances, unexpected shortages now exist of most everything the farmer needs to grow the crops essential to winning the war.  These include certain seeds, fertilizers, farm and pest control machinery, insecticides, fungicides, and even labor, to name only a few.

It is said inadequate transportation facilities and huge shipments of food to our allies may cause a scarcity of canned vegetables.  The growing of vegetables for home canning is therefore justified - provided a satisfactory area is available under conditions that will succeed. -

William Bradley, Joe Bradley, and Web Stanton on the first step of hog jowl and greens.
Jack Seckman receives the first bushel of turnip green from "Farmer" Smith.  Turnip greens came out of the company gardens at a rate of seven bushels a day.

Floyd Smarrt, Village Service Labor Foreman, holds the National Victory Garden Institute plaque awarded the Rayon Division at Old Hickory for its "distinguished record in the encouraging of Victory Gardens and home food preservation," during 1945.  As far is know, this is the only plaque of this kind awarded in this area.